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My thanks to Liz of Animal Answers for her assistance with a dominance issue I had with one of my dogs.  I described the situation, and entirely over the phone, she diagnosed the problem, explained the dynamics of the situation, and prescribed some simple changes in routine and in the way I was relating to the dogs.  It was amazing--in less than a week, the dominant dog's behavior changed radically for the better!  I'm in awe of Liz's insight and knowledge of animal behavior.  Thanks again, Liz--you really do have animal answers!

                                                                                                Jan Kirkby
                                                                                       British Columbia


My husband, Michael, and I currently have two Weimaraners.  Let me begin by saying a Weimaraner is a breed unlike any other.  Some people say this breed just can't be trained.  I was beginning to believe the naysayers until I called Liz of Animal Answers.  Our association with Animal Answers started over a year ago when I had problems with one of my dogs digging.  Not just digging in the yard, but digging up my garden.  My other dog would greet people by (gently) nipping at their hands.  It wasn't meant to hurt, just his way of saying "hi."  Needless to say, my guests did not appreciate the gesture.  I called Animal Answers and discussed my problems with Liz.  I live in La Paz, Mexico, so a visit was out of the question.  Not only did Liz spend the time to listen, and then advise me, but she also emailed me outlining her suggestions.  I had a solid plan for each dog.  As Liz said, it would take time and effort, but it worked. 

Just recently I called again, this time for our two-year old Weimaraner, Paco.  Several months ago, one of our beloved Weimaraners died.  We didn't realize it, until one of our neighbors brought it to my attention, but Paco would howl when we left him alone with his sister, Mariposa.  This was a new behavior, obviously brought on by missing his brother.  Again, after discussing the problem with Liz and receiving her suggestions, she followed up with additional information.  I am currently working on her suggestions, and feel much better about leaving Paco and Mariposa alone.  I'm sure my neighbors appreciate Liz's help as well.  All I can say, is thank you to Liz and Animal Answers. 

Catherine Morgan
La Paz, Mexico


I wanted to say thank you again for the help and instruction last week! I feel much more positive and confident now with the dogs. I wrote a list of all the commands for the boys...I did this with my mom so all the dogs would have the same commands...this has helped tremendously! I have been doing slightly shorter daily walks so that I can concentrate on Banes behavior during the walk without getting frustrated or burned out. He has improved so much...and it seems like Coda is bolder around Bane. I actually caught them playing with a rope toy...with EACH OTHER! My mom and I look forward to seeing you this upcoming Saturday for the socializing class, and hopefully for the obedience classes in the future :)
Thanks so much!