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Exotic pets CAN NOT be treated like dogs or cats!

Each species has special needs and unique temperaments.

Do you think an exotic might be right for you?  Do your homework first!

  • Is it active during the day or night hours?  (Hard to enjoy an always sleeping pet.)

  • What does it need to eat and can I readily get those food items?  (Unlike dogs or cats, there really are no commercially available "foods" that are complete.  You may have to chop a variety of fruits and veggies, feed a precise combination of insects and small mammals, and add specific vitamins and minerals, offer special lighting in many cases.)

  • What kind of an environment does it need?  (Is it a desert dweller, needing high heat during the day with colder nights?  Does it need a very humid environment?  Does it need to climb?  Swim?   Burrow?)

  • Are there any special medical concerns?  (Does it need vaccinations?  Does it carry diseases or parasites that you could get?  Are there common health problems in that species?)

If you already own an exotic, is it getting the best care possible?

  • Can you correctly answer all the above questions for you pet?

  • Is your pet thriving or does it seem lethargic, sickly, or have a poor appetite?


Exotics are a huge investment of time and money!  If you are thinking of buying an exotic or if you own one and aren't sure you are doing the right things, CALL ANIMAL ANSWERS at 541-591-8123 or E-Mail Liz at Liz@HappyPetsByLiz.com today for an appointment.