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According to Humane Society estimates, 6-8 million pets are brought in to shelters in the United States each year and 3-4 million of them are euthanized,    every year! 

The most common reasons that dogs are brought to shelters are behavioral problems, such as:

  • aggression (either toward people, other dogs, or other animals)

  • chewing (A natural behavior, but not on your furniture or belongings!)

  • digging (Another natural behavior, but also controllable.)

  • barking (There is a big difference between "alert barking" & "excessive barking.")

  • jumping (Do you notice your friends stopping by less often?)

  • separation anxiety (You should not dread leaving your dog alone for the day.)

  • failure to become housebroken (No, "once in a while" is NOT okay!)

Don't let these simple behavioral issues become a death sentence for your dog.  Animal Answers can help.

Through gentle behavior modification techniques, we can retrain your dog to be a welcome member of the family.

Please call 541-591-8123 or E-Mail Liz at Liz@HappyPetsByLiz.com today

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